Direzione Regionale per i Beni culturali e Paesaggistici dell'Abruzzo

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During the year 2004, with the launching of a series of legislative measures, the reform of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism took place, which, together with the legislative decree number 3, dated 8 January 2004, established 17 Regional Administrative Offices for the Cultural Heritage and Landscape in the same number of Italian regions (excluding Valle d’Aosta, Trentino Alto Adige and Sicily), consistently with what is forseen by the new cultural Heritage Code issued in 2004, which  promotes the Italian heritage with the implication of all the agencies of the region, in order to give an answer to the necessity of creating synergies increasingly close with  local realities.

The Regional Administrative Offices for the Cultural Heritage and Landscape are the territorial articulations of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism and they are sited in the Capital city of their respective regions.

Today, the tasks of the Regional Administrative Offices are governed by the Decree of the President of the Republic number 233 dated 26 November 2007, REGULATION OF THE REORGANIZATION OF THE MINISTRY OF CULTURAL HERITAGE AND ACTIVITIES,  and subsequent amendments, and in particular they coordinate the activities of the branch offices of the MiBAC and they deal with Ministry reports with the Regions, agencies and local institutions.

Among the principal tasks of the Regional Administrative Offices fall, in addition to protecting, even the enhancement and the promotion of the Cultural Heritage, made clear right through the regional coordination with the intention of bringing a bigger public closer to art and culture.

The Abruzzo  Regional Administrative Office is divided into 4 territorial supervisions whose responsabilities are  related to the archives, to the archeological sites, to the architectural, landscape,  historical, artistic and ethno-antropological sites and in the 4 state archives.

In particular, the Abruzzo Regional Offices B. C.P., as a result of the arrangements of the OPCM number 4013, deals with the restoration of the cultural heritage damaged by the earthquake in 2009 around the crater, in accordance with public actors owners of the cultural heritage, (in particular the dioceses involved in the recovery of valuable sacred buildings).



- Soprintendenza per i Beni Architettonici e Paesaggistici dell'Abruzzo
- Soprintendenza per i Beni Storici Artistici ed Etnoantropologici dell'Abruzzo
- Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici dell’Abruzzo
- Soprintendenza ai Beni Archivistici per l'Abruzzo


- States Archives of Chieti  
- State Archives of L'Aquila
- State Archives of Pescara

- State Archives of Teramo